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Debra Lynn Dadd | Feb 19, 2015 | Toxic Free Talk Radio, transcript | 0 comments Michael100

My guest today is Michael Piacenza, Owner, Certified Operator and K9 Handler of Advantage Pest Control in Clearwater, Florida. We’ll be talking about natural pest controls offered by professionals, and simple natural pest controls  you can do yourself in your home and garden. His business uses many green and natural approaches, including Integrated Pest Management (IPM); natural products such as minerals, oils, and biopesticides (botanically based); a mix of minimal risk (a classification for some of the safest products) and reduced risk pesticides (many are classified like essential oils) as the primary tool and then synthetics only where and when needed for a specific pest; and baiting wherever possible.  Many types of baits are very safe and effective.  This would include products that are boron based (think boric acid) and growth regulators (disrupts the molting process).  Both are very effective in the battle against subterranean termites; compared to chemical trenching and drilling to create a toxic vapor barrier around the home. Michael is the Author of many articles in local papers and magazines on safer/eco-friendly pest control, education on pest behavior and control, use of K9s in termite detection, and more. In addition he is a licensed ship pilot and captain, he has held multiple senior level positions in multinational data and telecommunications equipment companies, and is an experienced public speaker.    LISTEN NOW

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