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Roaches will eat just about anything and you are probably going to find most of them near a food source. The first thing you need to do if want to get rid of German roaches is to clean up. Clean up every bit of food source that you can possibly find. If you don’t have anything for roaches to eat, they won’t come in.

Many times, people turn to bait that is easily bought at the grocery store to kill roaches but unfortunately, bait does not work so well on German roaches. They seem to have become adverse to it over generations.

The best thing to do is to dust their harborages with a botanical dust. EcoSmart offers many dusts that are so safe, they are actually exempt from EPA regulation. This is great stuff to use in the kitchen.

A mineral based or boric acid dust is very effective and safe. German roaches love to live in tight spaces and dust has the ability to get in there.

Make sure you dust all the cracks and crevices where you have seen roaches. Don’t let any space go untouched because the roaches certainly won’t. Dust the baseboards, under cabinets, between your stove and the cabinets and underneath it. Get the spaces next to your refrigerator too.

If you need to dust places where you keep food or plates that you will eat on, boric acid is safe enough to use for that. Boric acid actually contains half the toxicity of table salt but it is very effective. Although roaches have the reputation for being dirty insects, they actually clean themselves often. When they ingest the boric acid through grooming, it will disrupt their digestive system and they will starve.

German roaches can invade your home and multiply quickly making killing them seem like a daunting task, but if you keep everything clean and follow these tips, you can keep your kitchen roach free.

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