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to keep your home and yard roach free. German roaches are the little critters that come in your home on groceries or other items so this is not the type of roach we are talking about here. The kind of roaches common in Florida that may enter your home are the American roach, brown roach and Asian roach. These are the big guys.

The best thing you can do to repel roaches is to make your home like a fortress. Make sure all windows and doors are sealed well. Cracks in the home should be fixed. You can use weather stripping, caulking and expandable foam to accomplish this. If your home is sealed up, the roaches cannot get in. It is as simple as that.

Once you have your home completely sealed and roach proof, you should clean up the areas where they live. Where do roaches live? They live in the debris in your yard. Roaches live in piles of wet leaves, wood piles, wood chips, mulch and other debris.  Clean up old leaves and other debris in your yard so the roaches won’t start to call your house, home.

EcoSMART is a company that provides bio pesticides which are safe for the environment if that is a concern for you. Use a Pyrethrin which is made from Chrysanthemums. While this is still a synthetic pesticide, it is biodegradable and therefore preferable for use in flower beds and gardens where you may have mulch.

The best way to repel roaches is to take away their harborages and seal up your house like a castle. If you do this, you should never have a problem with roaches entering your home.

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