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The first thing you need to do is get rid of the roach’s food source. Roaches will eat just about anything so make sure you clean up everything. American roaches are known to lie under damp mulch piles and eat the wood so be sure to include your yard in the cleanup process.

The safest, most effective pesticide to use on roaches is a dust. EcoSmart offers botanically based dusts, some that are so safe, they are exempt from EPA regulation.

Use this bio pesticide to dust around baseboards and in all the cracks in crevices where the roaches may be living, breeding and laying eggs.  Dust is very good at getting into small spaces.

Another substance that is similar to dust and also safe and effective for getting rid of roaches is simply boric acid. Boric acid is so safe, it contains half the toxicity of table salt. This makes it a great bio pesticide to use inside your home. You can even use it inside your pantry if you need to.

When the roaches walk through the boric acid, they will clean themselves. Even though roaches have a reputation of being dirty, they are actually cleaning themselves constantly. When they ingest the boric acid, it will disrupt their digestive system and they will starve.

The bio pesticide works the same way in that the roaches will ingest it when they clean themselves. The bio pesticide works by disrupting the roach’s neuro transmitters. The essential oils in the bio pesticide will clog up their breathing tubes. Roaches do not have lungs but breathing tubes that go straight to their system.

If you attack roaches with these two different approaches you should have no problem getting rid of them and you have done it safely and naturally.

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