How to Keep Cockroaches Out of the House

Keeping cockroaches out of the house requires and integrated approach to pest management. The first and most important thing you need to do is get rid of all food sources.

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How to Kill German Roaches

German roaches are quite possibly the nastiest roaches that you could have in your home. Their gestation period is relatively short and they seem to duplicate themselves at an alarming rate.

Unlike other roaches, they actually carry their egg sacks on their backs and keep them very well protected. German roaches love to live in small areas but their colonies are very big.

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How to Repel Roaches

If you live here in Florida, you know that there is the potential for having to deal with many different types of pests. Roaches are one of them.  Cockroaches are nasty little critters that can actually carry disease so you definitely don’t want them in your house.

If you are seeing roaches in or even around your home, you can learn how to repel them

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How to Get Rid of Roaches

There are dozens of different types of roaches worldwide and around the country but only some of them are the types that you are likely to have trouble with in your home.

German roaches, American roaches, brown roaches and Asian roaches are some of the more common roaches that you might find yourself having to battle. All of these different types of roaches can be eradicated in basically the same way.

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