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How to Kill Sand Hornets

These hornets are different from others because they do not live in colonies. Cicada killers or sand hornets are solitary insects. They live in little burrow homes that they create in the sand.

Sand hornets are very big in comparison to other hornets and wasps and can be quite scary looking but only the female hornets can actually sting.

If you have sand hornets making a home on your property you will want to get rid of them as safely as possible.

The best thing to use to kill sand hornets is a dust. There are some very safe dusts made by a company called EcoSMART. Some of these products are so safe they are exempt from EPA regulation.

Seven Dust is another very effective dust for sand hornets. This is a synthetic dust but it has a very low toxicity and is therefore better for the environment. The dust can be sprayed where you see the hornets living, in burrows in the sand.

Another option for killing sand hornets is time release granules. Use these around the burrows where the sand hornets are living. An added bonus to using the time release granules is that they will help eradicate other pests around the home such as cockroaches.

Prevent the sand hornets from living in your yard in the first place by making sure you do not have areas of your yard that are exposed sand. Replace the sand with grass or mulch, but be careful about using too much mulch around your home, as it can attract other pests such as roaches.

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