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There a few things you can do if you want to keep some of the more nuisance and dangerous bugs such as mosquitos, wasps and bees away from your home and yard.

Make sure you don’t have any standing water or puddles in and around your yard. Piles of leaves will accumulate and hold in water so make sure you are cleaning up dropped leaves in your yard.

Garbage cans should be tightly secured. Use a heavy duty bag and a tightly fitting lid. Bees, wasps and hornets love to get into the garbage and look for sugars.

In Florida, the weather is such that we love to have picnics and bar-b-ques year round. If you have eaten outside with your family and left anything behind, this will also attract stinging bugs such as bees and wasps. The sugars from soda cans or spills will draw them in.

In addition to prevention, you may want to treat your yard for these pests. A good light pesticide to use is something that is Pyrethrum based. This is made from ground chrysanthemums and is fairly safe.

Lightly spray shrubbery, plants and grass. You should also spray under the eaves of the house and anywhere else that bees, hornets and wasps like to build their nests.

You can also spray this pesticide around the base of your home, creating a perimeter around your house.

Living in Florida, it is almost impossible to completely rid your yard of these pests but taking these steps will cause you to see less of them and help keep your family safe.

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