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The eggs and larvae of the fleas are the easiest stages to treat. Disrupt the life cycle of the fleas by going after the eggs and larvae with a combination of boric acid and a botanically based pesticide.

EcoSmart offers many botanically base pesticides, some of which are so safe, they are exempt from EPA regulations. Mixed together, boric acid and botanical pesticide makes a very safe and effective substance for killing fleas.

This combination pesticide is a desiccant and will actually dry out the eggs and larvae of the flea. It will also dry out your hands if you are sensitive to it so it might be a good idea to wear gloves while you dust the furniture.

Dust the furniture with this combination as you would dust anything else in your home. Make sure you get all the cracks and crevices where eggs and larvae might be hiding. If you have an ottoman, turn it over and treat the other side. Turn over any chairs and furniture that you can to treat the bottoms.

Your next step should be to attack with a pyrethrum aerosol spray. Pyrethrum is a synthetic pesticide but it is made from chrysanthemums and therefore very safe.

Using a spray gives you the ability to direct it at areas that are particularly infested with fleas and limits the amount of pesticide going into the atmosphere.

If you have leather furniture, test the spray first on an inconspicuous area to make sure the spray is not going to stain the leather. In most cases, the spray should not have a negative effect on the leather but if you find it is staining, just the dust alone should do the trick.

Be sure you treat the rest of the area especially carpeting that is underneath the furniture to keep the fleas from re-infesting your furnishings.

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