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If you have the type of bedding that can be washed, bring it straight to the washing machine. Do not throw it in a hamper where the fleas can potentially spread to other things. Wash the bedding with warm water and soap and dry it on a high heat setting. This should get rid of the fleas.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Bedding

You will also want to dust your mattress with a botanically based product from EcoSMART. Some of these products are so safe they are exempt from EPA regulation.

If you have the type of bedding that you cannot wash or needs to be dry cleaned, getting rid of the fleas will be a little trickier. First you need to strip all the bedding and put it into plastic bags. Get it out of the environment.

Make sure you give your mattress a good dusting as mentioned previously. Get into all the little crevices where fleas and their eggs can hide.

Spray a Pyrethrum based pesticide into the bag to kill the eggs and larvae and adults. Pyrethrum is a very safe pesticide made from crushed Chrysanthemums. Unfortunately, you will still have to contend with the pupa stage.

The pupa stage is the stage of a flea’s life cycle when they are in a cocoon. In this stage they are impenetrable. If your bedding can be dried, putting it in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes should kill the pupa stage.

If you cannot dry your bedding, you will need to keep the bedding in the bag for 10 days to 2 weeks. At the end of this period, be sure to disturb the bag to encourage the pupa to hatch. When the pupa hatch, you can immediately spray inside the bag with the Pyrethrum pesticide to get the new adults.

Leave the bedding in the bag for one week before you dry clean and place it back on your bed.

Fleas in bedding can be a major inconvenience but with these tips, you can get rid of them yourself.

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