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Before you take that step, listen to some things Michael Piacenza has to say about killing fleas without using bombs.
Flea bombs are quite toxic and are not recommended by Michael Piacenza. Flea bombs use the same ingredients as other pesticides for fleas but in a bomb, you get those toxic ingredients in their gassiest form. One of these may be Pyrethrin.
A flea bomb will leave its toxic residue all over your home. The kitchen, countertops, cabinets, floors, everything will be coated in pesticide.

A more natural method includes the use of a boric acid dust mixed with a botanical dust such as something from EcoSmart. This combination will attack the egg and larva stages of the fleas.

Bombs primarily go target the adult stage of fleas. You can attack the adult stage without bombs by using a spray that contains Pyrethrin and a growth inhibitor such as Precor.

When you apply this spray yourself you can control what parts of your home are exposed to pesticide. Spray cushions of furniture where your pet might lay. Carpeting, pet bedding and any other places where you think there may be fleas should also be treated.

By using a spray, you can be sure you are not getting pesticide in the kitchen, on your refrigerator or cabinets and counters. How often do you find fleas on the refrigerator or countertops? It is not necessary to coat these areas in pesticide.

Getting rid of fleas in your home can be a daunting task but if you use a multiple step approach such as the one outlined here, you can take care of the problem yourself without having to turn to toxic flea bombs.

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