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As tough as fleas can be to eradicate, if you find them in your clothing, this may be your easiest flea problem to deal with.
To tackle a flea problem in your clothing, first make sure you put all infested clothing into a sturdy plastic bag and seal it up. This will prevent you from spreading fleas while you are transporting your clothes to the washing machine or laundry facility.

Clothes should be washed on the highest setting allowable for the type of fabric and with a soapy based detergent. This alone should take care of the fleas on your clothes.

If the clothing cannot be washed but can be placed in the dryer, dry them on the highest setting allowable for the fabric, for at least 30 minutes. The high heat should kill all of the fleas.

If fleas are in your clothing you probably have them in the area of your home where the clothing was stored. Be it your closet, bed, floor or laundry hamper or basket, you will also want to treat those areas to prevent spreading and re-infestation.

To do this you can use a Pyrethrin based aerosol to spray the infested area. Pyrethrin is a natural organic compound. It is made from the Chrysanthemum flower. You can use this spray in your home and know that you are using one of the safest products on the market.

Following these steps will eliminate the fleas from your clothing, control re-infestation and help contain the spreading of fleas to other areas of your home.

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