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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Their distinct color and shape is also a give- away. In the spring and summer, stink bugs are a very noticeable bright green color. In the winter they fade to a brownish color. Their bodies are shaped like a shield.

Stink bugs like to live on fruit and vegetation, which is not good news for your garden. Stink bugs leave behind a yeast on the plants or at the very least, will leave spots on your fruit. This isn’t necessarily destructive, but the spots don’t make for very good looking fruit.

The yeast that is left behind is more destructive. This can actually cause spoiling and is sometimes a big problem for tomato crops in California.

To get rid of stink bugs you need to treat the areas they are living in. Start in the fall by cleaning up leaves and debris on the ground. In winter, stink bugs love to live under leaves and debris so this preventive measure will keep the number of stink bugs in your garden to a minimum.

In the spring, you will want to put down a safe, botanical pesticide. EcoSMART makes some very effective bio pesticides, some of which are so safe that they are actually exempt from EPA regulation.

Whatever pesticide you choose, make sure it is something that will stick to the plants the stink bugs are living on. Be very careful to spray the underside of leaves because this is where stink bugs like to live. By taking preventative measures in the fall and spraying for stink bugs in the spring, your garden will be free of these stinky little insects and your fruit and veggies will be safe from spoiling.

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