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A chinch bug problem is easy to identify. They will start along the driveway, sidewalk and road. The heat in the early summer is what activates them. Starting along those areas, they will begin eating their way into your lawn. This is a very definitive pattern.

Michael Piacenza specializes in eco-friendly and environmentally safe products and will always suggest the safest method that will take care of the problem.

In the case of chinch bugs, a mix of eco-friendly and synthetic pesticides is most successful in ridding your lawn of these pests. In this way, you can use less of the synthetic pesticide and still take care of you lawn.

You should use a mixture of pesticide products beginning with a product like Permethrin which will stress them and adding to it, a light synthetic pesticide. This is a powerful mixture that allows you to use less synthetic pesticide.

A liquid or a granule can be used or if you have a particularly bad infestation and really want to make sure you are attacking these destructive pests, you can use both. First, Spray the liquid on your lawn and then treat it with the granules. The next time it rains, the granules will activate and you will hit them a second time. This will give you the best results.

People tend to want to treat only the dead areas of the lawn. This area needs to be treated but the main emphasis needs to be on the 6-10 foot area of lawn around the dead areas. Then you need to treat the rest of the lawn.

This approach is sure to take care of your chinch bug problem so you can once again have a lush, green lawn.

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