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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in a Car

Hotels have seen a rise in bed bug infestations and are taking a proactive approach, even going so far as bringing in bed bug sniffing dogs to “sniff” out a problem.

If you find you have bed bugs in your car, you will want to attack the problem as soon as possible to avoid spreading them into your home.

Living here in Florida, your best bet to get rid of bed bugs in a car and your first step should be to park your car in direct sunlight for a few hours. If that car reaches 140 degrees for a couple hours, the bed bugs will die.

The next step is to thoroughly vacuum and clean the car. Go over every possible area including cracks and crevices multiple time to make sure you have thoroughly vacuumed every inch. When you finish vacuuming, clean all other surfaces of the car with an alcohol based solution.

When your car has been thoroughly cleaned, use a pesticide dust to make sure you have eradicated all of those little buggers.

A botanically based dust is your best bet if you are going to be driving around with this pesticide in your car. EcoSMART makes botanically based dusts that are so safe, they are exempt from EPA regulation. These dusts are basically classified in the same was as  food additives.

Bio pesticides will work on the bed bugs in a couple different ways. First, the essential oils in the pesticide can clog up the bed bug’s breathing tubes. Bed bugs do not have lungs but tubes that go straight into the blood stream.

Bio-pesticide dust will also mess up their neuro transmitters. This effectively confuses them causing them to forget to eat and eventually starves them to death.

Bed bugs are nasty little enemies but these tips will help you quickly and safely kill them in your car.

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