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This may also be a result of complacency. Bed bugs just weren’t much of a problem anymore and people stopped being concerned with them.

Now there is practically a bed bug epidemic. New York City recently experienced a problem where big name stores actually found themselves having to shut down due to bed bugs. People are finding them in their own homes after trips to even reputable hotels.

Bed bugs can be very hard to get rid of. If you have seen the signs of a bed bug infestation in your home, you want to attack the problem immediately. Signs of bed bugs include blood smears, fecal droppings and molts of the insect.

Because bed bugs are nocturnal, you may not see the actual bug unless you turn on the light at night to catch them in the act of feeding on you.

There are many chemical solutions for killing bed bugs. Some hotels are even using bed bug sniffing dogs to identify the problem.

Because bed bugs are most often found on your mattress, you might want to try natural products to get rid of them. An alternative to using harmful chemicals on the place that you sleep is to use a combination of boric acid and botanical pesticides from Ecosmart. This is safe enough to be used right on your mattress.

Before you treat your bed, all sheets, pillowcases and linens should be washed on a hot cycle. Vacuum the mattress thoroughly making sure to reach hidden places such as the seams under pillow top mattresses.

After vacuuming, dust the entire bed down with the boric acid mixture making sure you reach all the crevices.

When you move away from your sleeping surface you can use a stronger product such as Pyrethrin dust. Dust the headboard, footboard, box spring and any other surface you have missed. This dust can also be used around your baseboards which are another favorite place for bed bugs to hide.

Bed bugs are tough, but with this complete approach they can be eradicated.

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