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A common pest seen in homes in Florida is house ants. House ants come in to feed and you will often find a trail of them leading to some yummy morsel they have discovered in your kitchen. Before you come up with your plan of attack you will want to discover what they are feeding on.

More than likely, the ants in your home are feeding on either proteins or sugars. You can leave out a small piece of candy, bit of syrup or little slice of sausage to see what they go for. Once you have determined what they are eating, you can buy ant baits that are either protein or sugar based.

Ant baits are the best long-term solution to your house ant problem. The worker ants are unable to consume the bait but they will take it back to the colony. There, the larvae will eat it. The by-product of the larvae is what the worker ants and queen feed on. So when you use bait, you are killing the ants in all stages of the life cycle.

If you want to get rid of the ants a little more quickly, you can use a dust. Since you will likely be using the dust in the kitchen, choose something safe like one of the botanical products from EcoSMART.

Dust the areas where you have seen the ants walking. Include the edges of your counter, under the counters and along baseboards. The ants will walk through this dust and when they later groom themselves, they will die.

When choosing a pesticide, be sure not to choose something containing a repellant. This will cause the ants to simply avoid it. It is then possible that they will move the colony, and create sub colonies. This will only make your problem worse.
A two fold approach using ant baits and botanical pesticides will have your kitchen ant free in a flash.

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