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Natural Termite Treatment and Control

Subterranean Termites

Our Termite technicians have the most current training and equipment to pinpoint termites problems, such as the Termitrac RADAR gun, which can detect movement in the wood, moisture, and temperature differences.

 If you don't want these eating your home.
termite-colony Subterranean Termites (workers)
You need these guys on the job.
michael-buddy-The Termite_Sniffing Dog
Buddy, and his assistant Michael

TermitesTesterTermite Service Options:

Subterranean Monitoring/Protection Plan – Includes inspection, suggestions for reducing risk, and installation of an eco-friendly monitoring system. If termites are ever encountered, we will exterminate the infestation at no additional cost to you - $395/first year & $225/yr thereafter (most homes).
Inspection Only – A full inspection of your property by a professionally trained technician. $125 (will be credited toward a Monitoring or Extermination plan if purchased).

Extermination of an active infestation of subterranean termites requires an on-site appraisal of the situation and a free estimate.

Termites can eat their way to your attic before there is any visual sign that they are there.

Drywood Termites

Don't let this happen to your home!

Although not as destructive as subterraneans, they can spread quickly.  We use safe borates (no toxic tenting) to treat for spot infestations, entire attics, crawl spaces, garages, and for those customers that just don't want a house or business full of poisonous gases.  Gases stop working the moment the tent is removed, while borate treated wood is protected for a lifetime. 

Carpenter Ants

Contrary to popular belief, carpenter ants do not eat wood, they live in it.  They eat protein (other bugs), like termites. So, if you see them you may have a termite problem and should have it checked out. In any case, the ants can still create a problem.

Call 727-322-3202 for treatment options. 

Featuring Nisus Corp. Borate Based Products

TIM-BOR Professional - used primarily for the control and prevention of drywood termites, wood decay fungi, and carpenter ants. Long term care without tenting.

BORA-CARE - replaces old toxic soil treatments for new construction, remodeling, and remedial care. Approved by the EPA, HUD, AWPA, and earns Green Builder points.


Termite Fecal Pellets

Photo By Sanjay Acharya


PACIFIC-DAMPWOOD-TERMITE-Zootermopsis-angusticollis-frass-4000x2200 1

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