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Lawn and Landscape Spraying


 “Better living through better science” - Remember when companies boasted “better living through better chemistry”? Well, we have taken it to the next logical step. Better living, by protecting our health and environment, using fewer toxic chemicals, while providing superior results and maintaining competitive pricing.

Our green lawn and ornamental spray service offers an eco-friendly solution, without the cost and problems associated with transitioning to an organic lawn. Truly organic lawns are very expensive, requires at least a year to adapt to the change, and most often don’t provide that beautiful lawn that customers are accustom to. We use approximately 75% less synthetic chemicals, while providing a premium service.

How do we do that?

We employ a pragmatic and highly scientific approach. Firstly, we pull multiple hoses on the lawn so that we can put the proper products where they are needed and only when they are needed. We are not a tanker truck with the flavor of the month solution, spraying a diluted mix across the entire lawn. We use newly developed premium products, mixed in a combination that gives our customer’s the lawn they expect.

Here are some of the ways we accomplish this:

TaraSolutions – an all natural product, derived from a combinations of ocean and earth based nutrients, providing 90 macro and micro minerals, enzymes, and bio-carbon electrolytes. It doesn't get any better than this!

  • Enhances plants ability to absorb Nitrogen – less pollution and greener lawn
  • Healthier and fuller roots – requires less water and fertilizer
  • Disease mitigation – less specialized chemicals and fungicides
  • Promotes denser and thicker growth – less herbicides and pesticides
  • Excellent color – less use of polluting nitrogen and phosphorus 
  • Electrolyte & Ionic Transfer – enhances plant absorption without surfactants
  • Application is rain-fast in minutes – better results, with less chemicals and less runoff
  • Approved for use during County's summer restriction on the use of Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Biological Soap – an amazingly safe product that benefits plants in many ways.

  • Increases plant absorption of nutrients – less fertilizer and pesticides
  • Kills and smothers insects and their eggs – less pesticides
  • Improves frost tolerance – less plant replacement
  • Washes away fungus, bacteria, etc. – less chemicals and fungicides

Green Lawn Service includes the following (6 x year):

  • Fertilizer or Mineralization every visit – mix varies depending upon the season

  • Root stimulator – used in slow growing months and prior to low rainfall seasons
  • Herbicides every visit – once a year full coverage and spot treat weeds every time
  • Fungicide – once a year full coverage as needed
  • Grub and Mole crickets - once a year full coverage and as needed
  • Ants - once a year full coverage and as needed (includes Fire ants)
  • Cinch bugs / topical insects - once a year full coverage and spot treat as needed
  • Wild grasses – not included (some may be treated at an addition cost if requested)

Shrubs and Ornamentals Service includes: (6 x year)

  • Fertilizer and Mineralization – provides healthy plants and vibrant flowers

  • Fungus Control – rarely needed with our system, but provided if required
  • Insect Control – aphids, caterpillars/moths, white fly, ants, others

This is just another way that we are doing our part to be easy on the environment, while giving customers the best soluion for their money.

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