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Flea Treatment

Includes a complete interior knockdown bio-dusting of carpets, pet beds, rugs, furniture, and baseboards; as well as optional no cost growth regulator and adulticide spraying.

 "Fleas are a major problem in Florida. If you live here in Florida and own a cat or dog it is likely that you will have to contend with fleas eventually.
The adult flea only lives for 7-10 days. The adult will eat, mate, lay eggs and die. That’s it. The eggs will hatch into a larvae. The larvae crawl around for a bit then enter the pupa stage. In the pupa stage the flea is in a cocoon. The fleas are next to impossible to kill during this stage as they are protected by the cocoon.
If you want to get rid of fleas naturally it is important that you understand their life cycle."

Our Bio-dusting system is Eco-Safe for pets and humans alike. 
Many of our customers have discontinued using those expensive and toxic topical flea treatments that turns your pet's blood into insecticide!!!

Flea Treatment Seminole-Clearwater-Largo


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