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Our Pest Control Services

We are a full service pest control company with that personal touch!

Featuring EcoSMART (now Envincio, makers of Essentria) and Nisus (such as Tim-Bor) non-toxic, safer and natural products.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

We offer both traditional and biopesticide options.

Service plans include annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly for residential and commercial customers.  All plans come with our service warranty; if you have a problem between scheduled service appointments, we will return at no additional cost to you.

Whether you are dealing with common cockroaches or difficult German roaches, everyday slab ants or imported Crazy ants, fleas or ticks, or most any other bug, we can help.

We are people and pet friendly.  Our customers include medical facilities, schools, day care centers, health food restaurants, and others that value a low toxicity solution to pest control.
Termite Inspection, Monitoring, Prevention, and Extermination - no toxic tenting or chemical trenching

See our Termite page for details.

Rodent Control

We use humane traps or one-way exits inside and tamper proof feeder boxes outside.  No worries about accidental poisoning of pets or children and no smell of dead rodents in your walls.

Remember, rodents bring fleas into your home, cause damage to insulation and ducts, and their dropping can be toxic!  Don't wait for them to get established call. your St.Petersburg Rodent Control.

Flea Treatment

Includes a complete interior knockdown bio-dusting of carpets, pet beds, rugs, furniture, and baseboards; as well as optional no cost growth regulator and adulticide spraying.

Our Bio-dusting system is Eco-Safe for pets and humans alike.  Many of our customers have discontinued using those expensive and toxic topical flea treatments that turns your pet's blood into insecticide!!!


We treat for all kinds of ants, including the difficult exotics like the Japanese White Footed and Caribbean Crazy ant.  Whether you are dealing with Carpenter ants, Sugar ants, Fire ants, or the everyday Slab ant, we can take care of it in short order.

Bat Exclusion

Bat exclusion device insulation for your home, garage, shed, or business, enable bats to safely and humanly leave the building, but can not return. NOTE: Exclusion can not be done during certain times of the year as bat are a protected species.

Call for more information on this service - 727 542 8201

Bee Extermination

 Africanized bees must be exterminated and removing hives within walls would do costly damage that a homeowner wouldn't want to pay for.

Our system uses a blown in dust that is very fast and thorough. No fancy bee keeper outfits and smoke machines here. We just take care of the problem and at a fair price.

Note: We also offer a Bee relocation service

Testimonials and referrals from our satisfied customers upon request. Or, check us out on Yahoo local or Google maps, where we maintain a consistently high ranking. Also on Angie's list,, and many Eco-Friendly referral sites.

Insulation Services

We offer blown-in insulation and removal services. Call for details and pricing.

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What We Do

We are a full service PEST CONTROL COMPANY

No long term complex contracts - Just good service, or goodbye!

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